Phantom Orchid

February 18, 2010 by admin

Phanom Orchid takes images similar to the his alias - dark, romantic, moody, mysterious.  While not exclusively a fetish photographer, Phantom showcases images of latex clad women, corsets, stockings, and more.

Expert use of light and framing make his images professional.  A creative eye makes them beautiful.  He's done top notch work for both Bibian Blue and HMS latex - top names for fetish wear and fashion. 

Marla Rutherford

December 18, 2009 by admin

Marla Rutherford hails from Los Angeles California and also works heavily from Boulder Colorado.  Both locations are excellent backdrops for photography that truly is artwork.

Her work runs the gambit from celebrities, fetish latex covered models, children, and tattoo'd convicts.  Regardless of the subject, one thing is certain - the image will be one that captivates the viewer. 

Taken from an interview at

When did you start taking photos and why do you think it is the best medium to express your ideas?

I sat on Santa's lap and asked for a camera when I was six... Photography is the best medium for me because I am a people person and at the same time I am very introverted. Photography give me an excuse to really get to know people that otherwise I would be very shy to approach. I am always curious about people's quirks and about underground subcultures. Photography is the perfect medium for me to approach them and say, "I think you are really cool can I take your picture?



December 11, 2009 by admin

MaxStudios, otherwise known as Magnus Svensson of Karlstad Sweden, is a 33 year old professional photographer whose work is absolutely stunning.  Magnus shoots all kinds of photography including fetish work.  He uses a Canon 1Ds mkII & Photoshop CS4 and his favorite TV show is family guy.

Inspiration comes from David la Chapelle and olle Carlsson - you can definitely see their influences in the vibrant color that Magnus brings out in his photography.  You can checkout his many works by visiting his site:


December 07, 2009 by admin

Kyle Carlson from Lee's Summit, Missouri goes by the monicker, Rushn774 - we don't quite get the name but we do get the photography.  Vivid colors and high glossy shine, images that make you want to look once, and then a second and third time.

From the beautiful to the bizarre, and everything in between, I enjoy creating stunning shots that people want to look at again and again.

Kye's favorite movies are Office Space, Waking Life, Garden State, Last Samurai, and his musical interests are Metal and Trance.  His equipment includes a Nikon D90 and photoshop CS4.  You can check out more of his work here:

Kyle also has a personal website dedicated to photography and photoshop.  You can check out some great insights and tutorials at:


November 09, 2009 by admin

Ozpunk works closely with select models, which he refers to as his muses, to grow his art.  He learns and creates with those who work well with him to create beautiful images.  Scotland is his home, his tool of choice is a Nikon D80, and Ozpunks favorite movie is Leon.

The focus of his work ranges from the portraiture to fetish fashions and he even has photos with elements of landscape.  Our personal favorites here at the Buzz were his work with Ulorin Vex - a very popular model who we reviewed a few months ago.

Keep up the great work - we're looking forward to latest muse and creativity!

You can find more of Ozpunk at the following:


September 24, 2009 by admin

Dolguldor, aka Marc Marselje, is an art student from Rotterdam Netherlands studying to be a filmmaker and photographer.  His favorite music is metal and cyber gothic.  Marc shoots with a Canon Eos 350d, SIgma 24-70mm f2.8 dg, and manfrotto tripod.

His skin of choice is latex, and his photography reflects this preference.  Marc's photography ranges from clean and poised to natural to slightly deviant (our favorite).  We would love to see him produce a film incorporating fetish fashions, as the works he has made are edgy and interesting.  You can checkout more of his work by visiting the links below:


August 14, 2009 by admin

Fetish may have been born in Germany - for a country of it's size, there is a ton of fetish activity that goes on there.  Suiluj is one of Germany's many great talents.  Also known as Julius Kramer, Suiluj is a 21 year old handsome (there is a self-portrait on our list of photos) fetish photographer who takes splendid photos of alternative and fetish models in a wide variety of poses and formats.

His two passions are nature photography and fetish - and Julius does a great job of both.  You can checkout his fetish photography at his website:, and if you are interested in his nature photography (not nearly as shiny but fun to look at) you can check it out here:



July 28, 2009 by admin

What does music and art have in common?  Sublime is not only one of our favorite music artists but also an amazing fetish photographer from Canada.  Sublime has been on our short list to review, as we've been following his work for the last several months and noted him as one of the top fetish photographers out there in terms of quality of work.

Where he gets his models we have no idea - but we can tell they are carefully chosen.  Each is superbly suited for the image taken - beautiful, edgey, and styled in a way unique to Sublime.  Our favorite series is the blonde with transparent stockings and black zip up latex body.  Carefully lighted and adjusted in photoshop to show certain elements in color and others in black and white - it is expertly done and a delight to view.

You can peruse Sublimes work by visitng:


July 16, 2009 by admin

Recall997, or Robbie, hails from Sweden and often shoots his beautiful girlfriend who we reviewed a bit back - Fuschia.  He does have shots of other models in his portfolio, including a bound shot of himself (wonder if that was Fuschia behind the camera), but his best work is of Fuschia.

He is able to capture her elegantly and crafts beautiful images, of what must be his most inspiring work.  Although Robbie doesn't seem to update his portfolio nearly as often as Fushcia, you can check out his work here.  We are happy that this couple has found each other and that they share their joy and passions of photography with the rest of us!

Mr Boing 66

June 22, 2009 by admin

Mr Boing 66, aka Marcus of Uppsala Sweden, loves to create.  Whether it's photographs or inventions, Marcus makes beautiful work.  His portfolio has beautiful models in home created sets that tend to contain bright splashes of color here or there.

Marcus's current work comprises about 30% fetish, 30% bondage, and 30% fashion / creative.  We found his work in bondage to be the most interesting as he juxtaposed arm binders, ball gags, and such in a studio setting with velvet backdrops.  The setting seemd to be more akin to a family or highschool photoshoot, while the content was anything but. 

You can checkout more of his work by visiting his website:

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